5 Days of Christmas Sale!

5 categories of product on my site + 5 shopping days (for shipping) until christmas = 1 sale a day this week!

TODAY ONLY using promo code: scarves get 20% off ALL scarves at www.shopohabigail.com!

one this is for sure, thank goodness accessories always fit no matter what your size because cupcakes were just delivered to my office….


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Inspirational Friday – Scarves

You all seem to love scarves as much as I do so..AWESOME!

I just uploaded a bunch to the shop and I have more coming next week! (like 10 new styles) and you will able to get them before Christmas as long as your order is placed by 5pm EST 12/20/2013.  (after that we can rush ship for a small fee, otherwise shipping is FREE!) The best thing to match your chunky knit scarf…is a big ‘ol coffee.

Stay warm and jolly!

xxoo abigail

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Me and my fedora yesterday in a blizzard. Indiana Jones wore one.
Correction: My fedora and I



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Top 5 Fashion Trends I’m Addicted to Right Now




There are some trends i’m just obsessed with. (I’m wearing at least two of these today). I have my fur trimmed coat and my glitter gold reva flats on. I am not a tomboy that is for sure. I am a girly girl through and through. That doesn’t stop me from mixing in boyish elements. Lets be honest if it involves shopping, nothing stops me. Remember that budget I was going to stick to? yea….about that….i’ve given up on that. I watched “my shopping addiction” this morning while getting ready and I love that show because it didn’t make me look so bad. I, Abigail, love to shop.  So here are the top 5 trends i’m craving right now.


1.) Oversized beanies and fur. I bought a few fur vests on sale about three years ago and I still have them today. They go with everything! Chambry, sequins, stripes. There isn’t a lot they do not go with. One of my favorites I scored from jb and me and it’s by bb dakota. and hey! no worries they’re faux!

fur vest beanie aviators source

 2.) Sequin everything. There is nothing girlyer than sequins. My first go to is yellow gold i’m obsessed. I love wearing hints of gold glitter and sequins. I wear my favorite gold glitter flats to work with a chambray top and boyfriend corduroys.  Are you dying over these sequin pants?!?!?!?

glitter 2


3.) Jersey knit scarf. While I do love me some big knit goodness I love the lightweight (but still full looking) jersey knit scarfs. Shameless plug! There are some available on this very site :)

jersey knit scarf


4.) Full midi skirt. It’s so feminine and lady like (and awesome for those of us with some baby got back). It highlights the best part of the waistline and slims the rest of the body. I like wearing with a fitted sweater or polo, belted. Because i’m on the shorter side I add a little height with a small heel, or on days when i’m feeling daring pump pump pump it up.

full skirt


5.) Buffalo check. Now enter tomboy central. I love buffalo check. of all my love for the plaid family, buffalo check has to be one of my top favorite favorite most favorite patterns (at least right now). I love how atlantic pacific has paired it with bold stripes and leopard pumps. stripes + leopard also one of my favorite pattern mash ups.

buffalo check



And there you have it! My top five fashion obsessions of the moment! What are you crushing on right now?

Wrap Star

I absolutely love love love wrapping presents. In fact, If I could wrap all of your orders I would! I scoured Pinterest and my FAVORITE DIY blogs and here are my top ten wrapping ideas!

gift wrap eleven

gift wrap eight


gift wrap five


gift wrap four


gift wrap nine


gift wrap one


gift wrap seven


gift wrap six


gift wrap ten


gift wrap two


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Take Time to Give Thanks

The fact that most retailers had their holiday decorations up at Halloween really set the holidays off to a bad start for me.

It seems the older I get, the more time seems to fly. I am a savorer (if that is a word?) I want to savor each holiday, each season, I don’t like to be rushed.

I don’t know about you, but the fact that this country has seemed to skip right past thanksgiving worries me. I mean if we are going to be out buzzing around like bees buying gifts, shouldn’t we take time to give thanks first?

It’s weird being on the retailer side because of course it’s in our blood to sell sell sell, only x amount of days until Christmas! But for me, I want to slow it down. I don’t want to hurry about buy buy buying. I want to take time, carefully select thoughtful gifts for my friends and family. (After of course eating gluttonous amounts of food on Thanksgiving). Don’t get me wrong, I love a great black Friday sale BUT there is a time and a place AFTER Thanksgiving.

Yes, there will be a black friday sale on this site but it will not be starting until 10am the Friday following Thanksgiving. My wish for you is to enjoy your time with friends and family. Savor each holiday, THEN dive into massive amounts of crowds digging for deals :)

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

xxoo abigail


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