where do we go from here?


hi friends,

i’m going to be honest with you for real right now.

as if i’d be honest for fake. haha

i’ve been burnt out lately. burnt out. i don’t know if it’s the michigan gray weather right now or what but everything has been so lack luster to me lately.

i know that i haven’t been show casing a lot of new products (even though they’ve been piling in) i just haven’t had the “time” or drive to do it. how is that for honesty?

in this dog eat dog world there are so many new businesses similar to mine popping up almost every week that are almost identical to mine. my product offerings, my styles etc. it’s super super hard not to let that eat away at your soul  because that is just what a small business is, a small piece of what makes up your heart and soul.

over the years my business has morphed and formed into different things. from key necklaces to a store front to booth spaces to now just a single (yet mighty) space at painted farmgirl (hudsonville) and this website, barn sales, flea markets and more. i’ve loved things about each and every one.  but i feel called to take it up a notch, to not stick with this ho hum lack luster b.s. i’ve been producing lately. i have a big problem with not giving everything my 100% and i feel like that is what i’ve been giving everyone lately.

so i ask you. what’s next? what do you want more of from me? do you want more vintage? more flea markets? more barn sales? more jewelry? more accessories? more home goods? tell me what inspires you, what are you looking for and i will make it happen.

a sincere and heart felt thank you to ALL of you for the massive amounts of loyalty you’ve given me over the years. i honestly cannot survive without your support. you keep my creative juices flowing.

love you all!

xxoo abigail

Twist and Shout


Hey lovelies! I have been working like crazy on my space at Painted Farmgirl in Hudsonville! I’ve stocked the booth with so many amazing treasures including over 50 of these twist and shout headbands. I’ve had alot of people ask me, “how am i supposed to wear theses” I searched around Pinterest for some of my favorite styles!

What do you think? Have you tried them out yet?

Shameless promotion: They are available in my space at Painted Farmgirl in Hudsonville for $12.95. Email me for shipping and check out the Facebook page for color options! pfg1 pfg2 pfg3 pfg5 pfg6


We are quickly approaching the conclusion of the first year of Oh Abigail. Thank you all so much for all of the support this year. It has been an incredible learning and growing experience.

I have learned so much over the past year in both business and in life. A few growing pains thrown in there but for the most part a great experience!

This summer it has been extremely hard to keep the site updated. Between flea markets and my spaces at Rebel Reclaimed and The Painted Farmgi Gl it’s been hard to keep up! Have no fear! Abby is back! We were having a few issues with web inventory and those issues have (hopefully) all been fixed. If you scroll through the site you’ll notice all new product include a few new product categories (Sunnies!!!!).

Thank you so much again for your support. I look forward to moving through year two with you!

xxoo abigail


Polka Spot Sunnies $12.95 On the Fringe Earring Blooming Feather Infinity Scarf $12.95 Knock on Wood Ring

Moving In!

It’s here! I can finally talk about it!

oh abigail moving in with rebel

I remember the very first day I went to their shop on E. Fulton and thought, this is going to be something big. I shopped there at least once a week and over half of my home is furnished with rebel treasures. Oh Abigail is movin

g in with the Rebel in their new location in downtown Grand Rapids!

Over the years I got to know Chip and Dann and have been fascinated with their business. I have watched it grow and morph into what it is today. Now, they are moving into their very own large space near E Grand Rapids.

When they approached me about supplying their shop with Oh Abigail jewelry, accessories and select vintage finds, I was ecstatic! Kicking off tomorrow you will be able to find Rebel exclusive Oh Abigail products!

The store is looking fantastic and I can’t wait for you all to come see it!

here are the details:

Their facebook page is here

Their new address is 1409 Robinson Road, Grand Rapids, MI 495o6

They open tomorrow (Friday)!!!

Can’t wait!!!


blog3 blog5


Fav Five

Good morning and happy Monday! If you live in Michigan (or anywhere in the midwest) you are most likely snowed in.

I’m okay with that. As of right now I can’t even get out of my driveway. For now, that’s okay.

Saturday we were snowed in as well and I uploaded a TON of product that afternoon. Here are my top five favorites.


1.) The delicate arrow studs.  Arrows are all the rage right now. You see them on pillows, wall art, blankets etc they are everywhere! Maybe it’s the Hunger Games that kicked things off? Who knows. All I know is i’m borderline obsessed.

gold arrow stud earrings




2.) The circle pendant necklace. I love how simple and delicate this necklace is. (like the earrings above). I’m usually in the mood for extremes. I’m either extremely statement or extremely subtle. If i feel like layering i’ll go with a few different sizes of gold jewelry and sometimes even mix a bit of silver.

Circle Pendant Necklace3. The empress necklace.  Remember above when I said i’m an extremes? If i’m going to go big or go home, i’m going to go with the empress necklace. I love the mustard colored jewels mixed with the gold chunky chain. this would be amazing to substitute for a collar necklace.

Jeweled Empress Necklace

4. The vintage jewel bracelet.  If i’m wearing a busy top I don’t want to cloud it with another layer of necklaces. I love layering a big statement bracelet with smaller simple pieces. This is the perfect vintage inspired piece to add to your collection.


5. Cupid arrow ring.  Again with the arrow obsession. I love this simple, small delicate arrow. You could just decorate yourself head to toe with arrows…ok don’t do that. But added one or two here and there is perfect.

Cupid Arrow Ring in Gold

Have a safe and happy Monday my friends!

New Year Style

Well here it is ladies and gentleman the final day of 2013.  Many of us have traditions for this final holiday of the year I however, do not. I do something different every year having yet to nail down the perfect tradition.

In high school it was staying at a friends house, college it was hanging out at a house party…

After college we tried a whole slew of things. Dinner out with friends, going to downtown Grand Rapids, last year we went up north to Ludington, this year we are staying in with some friends and grabbing a late dinner and quietly ringing in the new year.

Every year I have these grand ideas of massive soirees and fetes and I always seem to get over dressed. Is that just me? Maybe next year I just need to go to a bigger city 😉 (see I’m already thinking ahead to next year)

Here are some of my favorite party looks for going out or just staying in. What are your plans? What are you wearing?

NYE New Years Eve Dress Striped Bow Pink Black source

I think this is the perfect going out dress. Not too many sparkles and sequins, can be worn on other locations and dressed down for work. At least in my office I think I could tone it down. I would wear this if I was going out to a nice dinner, smaller party (and indoors).

Gold Watch Hot Pink Fur Vest

This is a great outfit for being dressed up and staying in or having a casual party. Just enough drama with the pink and the fur. I also love the collection of bracelets to add just a little bit of sparkle.

orange velvet party dress

Full disclosure, thats me. I bought this dress from a boutique in Holland, Mi called Frances Jaye. It’s soft, it’s stretchy, it’s velvet. I like this dress because it can be dressed up with a pair of glittered heels (as pictured) or toned down and worn with a pair of printed aztec boots (which is what I wore to the office yesterday).

pajamas cute comfy cozy

This is the ultimate staying in outfit. comfy adorable pajamas, perfect hair, rocking new years eve  on the television a mountain of cheese dip…you know my dream.

gold glitter sequin party dress

From one extreme to another. Pajamas to party dress. If you are going to go big or go home…this is the party dress to do it in. Full on glitter gold and sequins.

So here is to a wonderful and a Happy New Years my friends. Be safe, have fun. See you in 2014!

cocktail nye decoration

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