Who is Abigail?

about-abbyHello Lovelies!

I’m Abigail (most people call me Ab). I started out by making jewelry from vintage bits and pieces and selling them at local (from Michigan to Chicago) boutiques. I transitioned from jewelry to shop owner in Grand Rapids and in Holland, Michigan.

Once we were told that our building was going to be torn down I decided to redirect my life. I have been working on this website for almost a year (and will continuously work on it!). It was born out of my love for accessories and style. In time, I will be posting vintage treasures too!

I will also be at shows selling treasures from my new vintage camper. Be sure to check the blog or my personal website, www.binksandthebadhousewife.com to keep an eye out for my show schedule.

So, where does the name Oh Abigail come from?  Ohhh Abigail is a phrase that has followed me around since infancy. This website isn’t the only idea i’ve had (or the trailer, or the blog, or the obsessive shopping)…..

Every time I let friends or family in on my new idea, I usually get this response, Oh Abigail what now?

Perfect right?

My vision for you (and this site) is that it grows into more than just another jewelry website. My dream is that you draw some inspiration and feel good from the site and posts.

And always remember:

Oh Abigail…

Never turns down a challenge

Believes in global domination and that she is capable of it

Makes eye contact when she speaks

Confident in who she is

Carelessly careful in accessorizing

Believes people really take you seriously when wearing bright lipstick

Carries multiple handbags at once

She tells her dog everything and he listens

Believes one can never be a shopaholic, just addicted to good taste

Moves at a gagillion miles an hour but always has time for lunch with her grandma.