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where do we go from here?


hi friends,

i’m going to be honest with you for real right now.

as if i’d be honest for fake. haha

i’ve been burnt out lately. burnt out. i don’t know if it’s the michigan gray weather right now or what but everything has been so lack luster to me lately.

i know that i haven’t been show casing a lot of new products (even though they’ve been piling in) i just haven’t had the “time” or drive to do it. how is that for honesty?

in this dog eat dog world there are so many new businesses similar to mine popping up almost every week that are almost identical to mine. my product offerings, my styles etc. it’s super super hard not to let that eat away at your soul  because that is just what a small business is, a small piece of what makes up your heart and soul.

over the years my business has morphed and formed into different things. from key necklaces to a store front to booth spaces to now just a single (yet mighty) space at painted farmgirl (hudsonville) and this website, barn sales, flea markets and more. i’ve loved things about each and every one.  but i feel called to take it up a notch, to not stick with this ho hum lack luster b.s. i’ve been producing lately. i have a big problem with not giving everything my 100% and i feel like that is what i’ve been giving everyone lately.

so i ask you. what’s next? what do you want more of from me? do you want more vintage? more flea markets? more barn sales? more jewelry? more accessories? more home goods? tell me what inspires you, what are you looking for and i will make it happen.

a sincere and heart felt thank you to ALL of you for the massive amounts of loyalty you’ve given me over the years. i honestly cannot survive without your support. you keep my creative juices flowing.

love you all!

xxoo abigail