Archives for July 2014


We are quickly approaching the conclusion of the first year of Oh Abigail. Thank you all so much for all of the support this year. It has been an incredible learning and growing experience.

I have learned so much over the past year in both business and in life. A few growing pains thrown in there but for the most part a great experience!

This summer it has been extremely hard to keep the site updated. Between flea markets and my spaces at Rebel Reclaimed and The Painted Farmgi Gl it’s been hard to keep up! Have no fear! Abby is back! We were having a few issues with web inventory and those issues have (hopefully) all been fixed. If you scroll through the site you’ll notice all new product include a few new product categories (Sunnies!!!!).

Thank you so much again for your support. I look forward to moving through year two with you!

xxoo abigail


Polka Spot Sunnies $12.95 On the Fringe Earring Blooming Feather Infinity Scarf $12.95 Knock on Wood Ring